ITexD is your premier source for customized digital printing for:

*Interior Designers
*Set Designers
and YOU!

Welcome to International Textile Design!

ITexD is a large format professional digital printing company specializing in fine art archival printing on a wide array of textiles and substrate surfaces. Our advanced technology rests on years of pioneering hardware, software, ink and coating development. We look forward to working with you to create the sharpest, most vivid designs and reproductions available today in the world of professional digital imagery.

Why ITexD?

ITexD was created to provide access to the same professional digital fine art reproduction that was previously available only to museums and galleries. Now, designers, manufacturers and users of specialized textiles can economically employ this computerized technology for special, one-of-a-kind items or for extended production runs.

Strategic partnerships with key textile, coating and ink developers have enabled ITexD to develop critical products and services for an array of industries, particularly those focusing on furnishings manufacture and on home/office interior design. ITexD has quickly become the leading provider of professional digital printing on textiles and other substrates for sampling and short-runs in the hospitality, fashion, interior and architectural design, stage and film, and furnishings manufacture industries.

The System Makes the Difference.

The ITexD technology is a combination of elements: State-of-the-art large-format color printers, customized software, and specially formulated inks and coatings. Drawing on years of experience, talented artists and technicians have melded these elements into a system that prints on a virtually unlimited array of surfaces, including silk and popular textiles. Traditional textile printing setup times and cost of mass production runs are avoided. Key to our technology is the elimination of secondary heat or steam treatments. This allows for exacting line and color standards while eliminating the threat of fading or color degradation. Wash and wear performance is still delivered without the use of any heat set treatment.