IITexD’s large format inkjet printing is an enabling process that provides the architect with versatile new capabilities for creative control of light and space – new materials, colors of unusual brilliance, and enduring, water-based inks that can be applied to a wide array of substrates. These archival inks and specially coated textiles (or film) can, for example, quickly and economically transform laminated resins and glass sheets into tough, lightweight dividers that sparkle with color in spaces where such lively and durable materials are seldom deployed. ITexD’s light, resilient textiles suggest affordable new applications almost daily – wide, sheer sheets for loft partitions, for instance. Architects can create their own signature design/patterns or use those of a collaborative artist or one from the ITexD library. Use of large-format ink jet printers that do not require a final heating or drying step and can imprint textiles or other substrates up to five feet in width represents nothing short of a revolution in the art and science of archival printing.


Sample Projects