Interior Designers

ITexD's larger format printing process, with its quick, flexible responses, nourishes the creative mind wherever decorators and interior designers ply their skills. With its wide range of archival textiles and diverse substrates, ITexD delivers an almost endless array of texture and color/pattern combinations – for lighting, window coverings, and wall hangings. With the flexibility of scanning and computer reproduction, designers can match swatches quickly for development of specialty accent pieces, the product of a veritable palette of color that enables a designer to create patterns and styles that meet the tastes and schedules of the most demanding client. With a click of a mouse you can order the textile you need: a couple of yards or as much as your project requires. What sets ITexD apart from its competition is the ability to help the designer develop matching accent products from lighting , window coverings, wallpaper and accent upholstery to more structural products like decorative glass table tops, shower doors and accent resin panels.


Sample Projects