Ammonite Ranch

Got  most  of  the  Garlic  pulled  July  3-4,  thanks  to  friends  and  family. Weather  was  good  with  cloud  cover  and  very  muddy. Lots  of  dogs!

There is Wi-Fi at the Bibo Bar, home of the best Green Chili Cheese Burgers out of Cellphone range in New Mexico.

Ammonite Ranch is located in Bibo, New Mexico, in the eastern foothills of Mount Taylor, 11 miles north of Laguna Pueblo. We are a growing farm currently producing Garlic, and we also building up our vineyard and orchard.

We now have photos of the ranchhouse in the New Mexico Film Office’s Location Index. The Address is 122 La Joya Loop, Bibo, NM, 87014