How much does a website cost?

In planning for a new website, it can be overwhelming to determine the scope of your site.

Start by assembling and organizing your content, listing necessary functional elements such as contact forms, and categorizing the elements to fit in to a menu/navigation system. You can then look for sites serving the same purpose and with a similar amount of content.

PLANNING YOUR SITE; In rough order of complexity;

1. A Google ‘Plus’ (New name: ‘Google Places for business’) Identity – No hosting, but a way to get you create a brand identity on the web with minimal commitment. Enables you to connect with customers and post your offerings. Bing also has a similar ‘bingplaces.com’, which I usually set up all my clients with.

2. Simple 1-3 page site; e.g. ‘Home’, ‘About’ & ‘Contact’. Includes adapting or creating graphics, layout, processing images & video, assembling text, developing a palette & ‘feel’ of the site. Also includes helping with identity development and logo, creating a flash header or slideshow, setting up email, selection and registration of URL address, setting up hosting, email addresses with your site name, and instruction on doing your updates if that’s your choice.

3. Multi-page site; Same elements as above, but includes more content spread over a few pages, and includes developing a parallel theme for the sub pages.

4. Extensive or e-commerce site; Again includes everything mentioned above but on a larger scale with a cohesive navigational scheme. example

Updates, additional work – Hourly charge or we can set you up to do it yourself.

The architecture of the site will include search engine optimization throughout.

Currently most of our hosting is through Godaddy,
but I’ve worked with several companies.

How do I set up a website?