7 a.m. in July and it was already piss warm. A mile out, I saw a lawn sprinkler ahead and went to douse my cotton shirt. I skated up over the sidewalk and walked into the grass.
I headed in chest out for a strategic wetting, holding my head back to keep my sunglasses clear. That’s when I saw a street denizen on a bouncing walk towards Starbucks. She seemed very happy, so happy it showed through her hollow cheekboned face and her eyes shown. She was floppy like an old-time cartoon character, but her head moved in a straight line like on a wire. Towards the green siren logo. I thought she must have got a hold of something and now wanted to follow up with a Tall Latte.

Spotting me, her mission changed and she turned and strided straight at me. Within a few seconds she was in the spray, dancing and laughing while I moved away. Shit, she could have a weapon. I got out of range and made my way back to the pavement.